Drum Set: Jeff “Tain” Watts, Tenor/Sop Sax: Branford Marsais, Trumpet: Terence Blanchard, Double Bass: Christian McBride, Piano: Lawrence Fields (4)

1. Return of the Jitney Man (Jeff “Tain” Watts)
2. Brekky with Drecky  (Jeff “Tain” Watts)
3. Katrina James (Jeff “Tain” Watts)
4. Owed... (Jeff “Tain” Watts)
5. Dancin' 4 Chicken (Jeff “Tain” Watts)
6. Wry Köln  (Jeff “Tain” Watts)
7. Dingle-Dangle (Jeff “Tain” Watts)
8. Devil's Ring Tone: the Movie (Jeff “Tain” Watts)

9. M'Buzai (Jeff “Tain” Watts)
10. The Devil's Ring Tone (Jeff “Tain” Watts)

WATTS (2009)


Family (2011)


Blue, Vol. 1 (2015)


1.  Plop Life

2.  Dingle Dangle

3. Koolie Blu

4. Mini Driva

5. Laura Elizabeth

6. Monkey Paw Yelp

7. Farley Runs Again

1. Chicken Ballet
2.  Lenalane (feat. Sy Smith)
3. Water
4. Sons of the Jitney Man
5. You're Mine and I Want You (feat. Kurt Elling)
6. uh-UH !! (feat. Steve Coleman and Robert Hurst)

7. 14E (feat. Gregoire Maret)
8. Waltz for Marvin (feat. Frank McComb)
9. Cleo (feat. Kevin Eubanks)

10. Blakzilla vs. Yo' Mothra

11. Reverie (reprise)

Folk's Songs (2007)


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Bar Talk  (2002)


Detained (2004)



Citizen Tain  (1999)


1. Brilliant Corners (Thelonious Monk arr. Jeff Watts)
2.  Farley Strange  (Jeff “Tain” Watts)
3. May 15, 2011 feat. Frank McComb (Jeff “Tain” Watts)
4. Driva Man feat. Ku-umba Frank Lacy (Max Roach/Oscar Brown Jr. Arr. Jeff Watts)
5. Blues for Mr. Charley (Jeff “Tain” Watts)
6. Faux Paul feat. Grégoire Maret (Jeff “Tain” Watts)
7. Flip & Dip (Jeff “Tain” Watts)
8. Brainlifter (Jeff “Tain” Watts)
9. Reverie (Jeff “Tain” Watts)

Drum Set: Jeff “Tain” Watts, Alto Sax: Kenny Garrett, Tenor Sax: Marcus Strickland, Double Bass: Eric Revis, Piano: David Kikoski,

1. 107 Steps (Bjork)
2. J.C. is the Man  (Jeff “Tain” Watts)
3. Mr. J.J. (Jeff “Tain” Watts)
4. Sigmund Groid (Jeff “Tain” Watts)
5. ...Like The Rose (Jeff “Tain” Watts)

Drum Set: Jeff “Tain” Watts, Piano: David Kikoski, Alto Sax: Steve Wilson, Double Bass: James Genus

1. Family (Jeff “Tain” Watts)
2. Of August Moon  (Jeff “Tain” Watts)
3. Möbius (Jeff “Tain” Watts)
4. Little Michael (Jeff “Tain” Watts)
5. Goldaze (Jeff “Tain” Watts)
6. Edwardian Overture  (Jeff “Tain” Watts)
7. Jonesin' (for Elvin) (Jeff “Tain” Watts)
8. A Wreath for John T. Smith (Jeff “Tain” Watts)
9. Torch E-Ternal (Jeff “Tain” Watts)

Drum Set: Jeff “Tain” Watts, Tenor Sax: Ravi Coltrane, Michael Brecker, Branford Marsalis, Guitar: Paul Bollenback, Hiram Bullock, Harmonica: Gregoire Maret, Double Bass: James Genus, Eric Revis,

Piano: David Budway, Joey Calderazzo,  Keyboards: Henry Hey, Percussion: Robert Thomas Jr.

1. JC is The Man (Jeff “Tain” Watts)
2. Vodville  (Jeff “Tain” Watts)
3. Stevie in Rio (Jeff “Tain” Watts)
4. Mr. JJ (Jeff “Tain” Watts)
5. Side B (Jeff “Tain” Watts)
6. Kiss  (David Budway)
7. JC is The Man (Part 2) (Jeff “Tain” Watts)
8. Laughin' & Talkin' (with Higg) (Jeff “Tain” Watts)

9. Tonality of Atonement (Kenny Kirkland)
10. ...Like The Rose (Jeff “Tain” Watts)

Drum Set: Jeff “Tain” Watts, Tenor Sax: Branford Marsalis, Alto Sax: Kenny Garret, Trumpet: Wynton Marsalis, Piano: Kenny Kirkland, Double Bass: Eric Revis, Reginald Veal 

1. The Impaler (Jeff “Tain” Watts)
2. Muphkin Man  (Jeff “Tain” Watts)
3. Attainment (Jeff “Tain” Watts)
4. Pools of Amber (Jeff “Tain” Watts)
5. Blutain Jr. (Jeff “Tain” Watts)
6. Wry Köln  (Jeff "Tain" Watts)
7. MLK Shake Up Call (Jeff “Tain” Watts)
8. PAEN (Jeff “Tain” Watts)

9. Sigmund Groid (Jeff “Tain” Watts)
10. Trieste (Paul Motian)

11. Blutain's Big Adventure (Jeff "Tain" Watts)

Drum Set: Jeff “Tain” Watts, Tenor Sax: Marcus Strickland, Double Bass: Christian McBride, Piano: David Kikoski, Percussion: Samuel Torres (10), Keyboards: Henry Hey (6,7)

1. Samo © (Jeff “Tain” Watts)
2. Rotation  (Keith Jarrett)
3. Ling's Lope (Jeff “Tain” Watts)
4. Seed of Blakzilla (Jeff “Tain” Watts)
5. Laura Elizabeth (Jeff “Tain” Watts)
6. Galilee  (Jeff “Tain” Watts)
7. Blues 4 Curtis (Jeff “Tain” Watts)
8. Rotation II (Keith Jarrett)

9. Same Page... (Jeff “Tain” Watts)
10. Blasphemy (Kenny Kirkland)

Wynton Marsalis Wynton Marsalis (Gold Record) 1982
Wynton Marsalis Think Of One  1983
Wynton Marsalis Hot House Flowers (Gold Record) 1984
Branford Marsalis Scenes in the City 1984
Wynton Marsalis Black Codes From The Underground  (Grammy Award) 1985
Big Nick Nicholas Big and Warm 1985
Rodney Jones Dreams & Stories 1985 

Sadao Watanabe Parker's Mood 1985
Wynton Marsalis J Mood (Grammy Award) 1986
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Take 6 feat. Stevie & Herbie  Join the Band 1994
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Jeff "Tain" Watts Citizen Tain 1999
Michael Brecker Time is of The Essence (Grammy Nominated) 1999
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Benito Gonzalez Circles 2010
Jeff "Tain" Watts  FAMILY 2011
Laura Kahle Circular  2011
David Budway  A New Kiss  2011
Various Artists  2011 Modern Drummer Fest DVD  2011

Makoto Ozone My Witch's Blue 2012

David Kikoski Consequences 2012

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Clifton Anderson And So We Carry On 2013

Pat Martino Quartet Undeniable 2013

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Laura Watts Elicit Inquest 2014

Azar Lawrence The Seeker 2014

Niels Lan Doky Reunion 2015

Essiet Okon Essiet Shona 2015

Troy Roberts Secret Rhymes 2015

Jeff "Tain" Watts Blue, Vol. 1 2015

Jeff "Tain" Watts Wattify 2016

Jaff "Tain" Watts Blue, Vol. 2 2016

Troy Robert Tales and Tones 2017

Tim Armacost Time Being 2017

Jimmy Greene Flowers Beatiful Life Vol. 2 2017

Charnett Moffett Spirit of Sound 2017

Kevin Eubanks East West Timeline 2017


Blues & Swing Wynton Marsalis 1988
Mo' Better Blues A Spike Lee Joint 1990
The Music Tells You Branford Marsalis 1992
New York - Puerto Rico: William Cepeda's Jazz, el Trombon de Bomba William Cepeda 2001
K Street - directed by Steven Soderbergh 2003 (cameo appearance)
A Love Supreme Branford Marsalis 2004
Weaving Symbolics Steve Coleman 2005

Montreux Jazz Festival CTI All Stars 2009

2011 Modern Drummer Festival  2011